Engineer who likes to use supercapacitor in his electronics usually worry the characteristic of voltage drop when it discharges. Most energy source in the system supply constant voltage to the circuit in the electronics. Recently, High Voltage Super Capacitor Module is used as energy source in the specific system. But, SuperCapacitor doesn't supply constant voltage. Engineer had difficulty in applying Super Capacitor in his prototype product.So, Voltage Boost Circuit of MaxFarad is recommended. It raises dropping voltage in SuperCapacitor and Capacitor Module when it is used and supply constant Voltage like general energy source(battery).Additional Circuit development isn't required in applying SuperCapacitor in your system. Or When you like to cut the price of High Voltage MaxFarad SuperCapacitor Module, It is also applied in the system.


The circuit of over voltage protection part

Input Voltage
The voltage for protection
Limit Output current

The circuit of boosting voltage part

Output Voltage
1 ~ 5V
Output Current
Cutoff Voltage

We can give you design appropriate solution circuit for customers request.